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Ceat Milaze Review

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CEAT Tyre Reviews from Change My Tyre - 2

CEAT Milaze Review - from Changemytyre.com

The tread pattern is ideal for all weather use. The traction and grip levels are predictable and don’t take much getting used to. The confidence I had in shoving the bike in apexes and corners while scrapping my knee guards on the tarmac was something I never imagined being capable of doing. The cornering grip is up to the mark of International Standards.

Abhishek (Avid biker )

The tyre had amazing grip , as we rode on different terrain.

Madhuri (adventurer)

Tyres were excellent support through the journey. Gave me a lot of confidence from normal to extreme conditions, because its very imperative that you trust the grip of your tyres in such a long run and the results were positive.

Paras (travel enthusiast)

It was far beyond expectations. Normally I would be scared to ride over gravel and kacha roads, but after sometime I felt comfortable ridding on bad roads and my confidence increased several folds than ever before. I have seen bad roads and horribly slippery roads, but I realized that my hesitation in increading the speeds has become much less than what I am normally used to.

Prerna (travel enthusiast)

Very confidence inspiring. Brilliant for offroading and wet roads.

Rajat (biking guru)

Tyres were exceptionally awesome and especially the grip and confidence we got with the tyres as they were the shoes because of which we were able to not just successfully complete our detour and 5300 kms journey but cover any terrain on off road wet road and you name it we experienced it

Sahil (adventurer)

The tyres performed very well. We rode on dry roads, wet roads, off road and no roads but never did we feel a lack of grip even though there was less weight on the front tyre, because of the heavy pillion rider which gave us confidence on curves to lean the bike without any fear. Even the breaking was very good on the tyres. We missed hitting some non veg dinner because of the awesome grip. And another good thing was that there was no puncture in the 5200km ride.

Angad (Avid biker)

There were times where I thought we were going to slip and fall but the superior grip of the CEAT saved us every time.

Aishwarya (adventurer)

I am using ceat tyres from past 6-7 years  and if am continuing with it being a professional there is every small thing good about it as if any bad we the professionals won’t use it!

Sahil (adventurer)

Yes I have used CEAT tyres in the past & I am still using it. I won’t say anything about what I have heard but I will comment on this from my own experience. I have used tyres from other brands, domestic and foreign and ceat tyres lasts longer than all of them which include brands that supply and are the official tyre supplier of the world motorsports championships in both 2 wheel and 4 wheel category. CEAT tyres are competitively priced as well.

Angad (Avid biker)