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A Sudden Road trip to Taj Mahal
21th July 2016

written by -    Gautam Modi

I was in Kolkata on the occasion of my sister’s marriage ceremony. Suddenly on the last day of the ceremony, I got a call from my cousins in Delhi that we are planning a road trip to Agra. He called me because it was my long time wish to drive the car on Yamuna Express Highway and go to Agra. Then instantly I grew agitated and stated yes to it.

Immediately after the marriage, I flew to Delhi. My cousins were ready with all the arrangements for this amazing road trip. After two days we decided to leave. I was just really excited.

Finally the day comes. It was morning 8.30 we left for Agra. It was the hottest day of the month. We were all really excited. My brother was driving the car. He was driving at a speed of 100km/her and it almost touched 150 km/hr many times. This was possible only because of Ceat Tyres. They were so good that it made our journey very easy. The road was amazing and it was almost vacant. Everywhere it was written “Drive safe”. I know why it was written- Because the road was so good and everybody was driving very fast. The highway was looking like as one of the highway, when I was driving from San Francisco to Las Vegas. It was built similarly. There was a refreshment station at every 50 kms. We stopped at only two refreshment station because we don’t want to waste our time.

We reach Taj Mahal at around 11.30 am. It was heavily crowded. And as I saw Taj from far, I was so happy that I don’t have any words to explain. It was a dream come true. Then we all went inside to enjoy the beauty. It was looking very beautiful. I almost forgot for the moment that it was hot. Suddenly, everybody was getting low because of weather. The temperature went up to 55 Degrees Centigrade. But still I was lost in the beauty of Taj and was only Looking at it.

Then, around 2pm we left for lunch. It was the hottest day of the month. We had our lunch at an amazing restaurant. Then at 4pm we left. Now the temperature was decreasing gradually from 50-40-30-22 Degrees Centigrade and finally it rains. The highway was looking amazing. We also stopped our car at one refreshment center and took a lot of pictures. Everybody was enjoying the weather and now I was feeling that Road Trip to Taj is successful. It was not a good time to plan a road trip to Taj but still it becomes a memorable trip for us.

So while coming back, nobody wanted to go home so from there we went to Karnal Road for a long ride. It was an amazing day we spend on the road and all the credit goes to CEAT, for making such an amazing tyres which makes our journey easy and relax. Everybody enjoyed a lot. Finally, we had our dinner at one of the restaurants on Highway. Around 11pm we were back home.

Now, after this successful small road trip, I have taken many road trips in India and Outside India. Now my next plan is to take the Route No-66. So till then goodbye.