Making safer, smarter roads

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Making safer, smarter roads

In an article in The Economic Times dated, 14th Feb, 2017, Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Mr. Nitin Gadkari said, “We want to make highways safer and the corporate sector must take some responsibility.”

Statistically, India ranks amongst countries with the largest incident of road accidents. A heterogeneous traffic mix of high-speed vehicles, vulnerable road users, unsafe road infrastructure and ill-maintained vehicles, all contribute to the high fatality rates seen on India’s roads. A recent newspaper report points out that in 2015 alone India lost almost 2 lakh people due to road accidents while a whopping 5 lakh were injured. The facts and figures are indeed alarming and a cause for concern for the Government leading to this call for action by Mr. Gadkari.

CEAT, on the other hand has been on this mission for years. The tyre major has taken up the cause of road safety awareness very seriously, making it more than a mere buzz word. CEAT’s defined purpose of making ‘Mobility Safer and Smarter Everyday’ revolves around valuing the importance of human lives and goes beyond educating people on road safety rules and techniques.

The aim of various marketing initiatives by us is to deliver the message of safety. Be it the ‘Be Idiot Safe’ campaign, or ‘Trust Tyres, Not Superstition’, the ‘Drive Safe Dad’ initiative or its tie-up with Party Hard Drivers (PHD), installation of breath analysers at various pubs or even the latest ‘It Helps’ campaign—all convey the same message of making mobility safer and smarter every single day.

The product innovations that the company undertakes too focus on delivering to its motto. With the recent launch of India’s first puncture-safe tyre, which promises puncture-free rides, we are surely on the right track.

CEAT’s ethos revolves around caring for not only business and customers, but also about the larger ecosystem and its stakeholders. One such programme that has helped create a marked difference in this space is CEAT’s flagship road safety initiative—Project Netranjali. Launched in 2014, the programme aims to provide sustainable eye health care interventions for the needy. Project Netranjali through its multiple camps across India works towards preventing avoidable blindness through early stage intervention amongst the less-aware sections of the society, like truck drivers. Since its inception, the initiative has reached over 4,00,000 beneficiaries by educating them on eye care, screened over 70,000 people including over 40,000 truckers at eye camps and distributed over 27,000 spectacles + 3,600 referrals for more serious cases. Over the course of the next year CEAT targets to screen 1,20,000 truckers and other commercial drivers across the country.

Going beyond the conventional, CEAT also launched their “Road Smarrt” programme that targets spreading the message of road safety amongst children who would be the future road users and aims to ingrain the idea right from childhood. Targeting an initial number of over 10,000 children, the programme hopes to tap what can be, the most powerful change agents and advocate the message of road safety to and through them.

As the country braces for challenges in overcoming road safety issues, CEAT is confident that such initiatives will go a long way in taking road safety awareness & public disposition towards the cause in the right direction.